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Rev Joy Mercy, Campus Director

We are very excited that the Lord has led you to Rhema Bible Training College Coimbatore (RBTCC)! The administration and faculty is looking forward to meeting you. RBTCC exists to honour God by serving you! At our very heart is a deep, abiding appreciation for the manifest presence of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus; a presence that leads to an intimate personal love and communion Him. This intensity of desire to personally KNOW THE LORD is very foundational to RBTCC’s purpose. Our greatest desire is to see the Body of Christ united for the sole purpose of fulfilling the Will of God in all nations, teaching and proclaiming, “MAKING DISCIPLES!” If you, like many others, would like to “show yourself approved” unto God, and have a desire to mature and network with those who are serious about our Lord’s business, Thank you in advance for your sensitivity to the calling of God in your life, it is your SEASON!


Pravin Nesaraj - Executive Director 

It is with immense joy, I learn of your interest and keenness to come to the Rhema Bible Training College Coimbatore (RBTCC). RBTCC has been established to train and send forth well-qualified and Spirit-filled Christian workers to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28: 18-20) Since its inception, RBTCC  has equipped many  anointed and informed servant leaders who are serving   in India and in many countries of the world. RBTCC is committed to offer scholastic training with the carefully designed curriculum emphasizing the word of God and the Spirit of God. The cornerstone of your future is based on the veracity of the knowledge and the authenticity of wisdom that you gain through education. It begins with the fear of God, the beginning of wisdom. RBTCC  has a team of highly qualified and committed faculty members with passion for empowering students to reach their maximum potential and so it is known for its academic excellence in education and exercising transformational leadership skills in the field.


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Mrs. Ruby Seelan, Treasurer 

“A wise man builds his house upon a rock and a fool on shifting sands.” Your future depends on the solid foundation of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. As you acquire this trinity of development, nothing can stop you from achieving the greatness of your destiny. They lack a sense of right and wrong and can no longer identify good and righteousness. The result is moral confusion lacking foundational principles and massive student debt. Great minds recognized that if you do not start with the truth, you drift away from achievement. Come and join a college of gifted teachers, leaders, and scholars who are committed to building your future which is established all over the world .You have been chosen for a higher purpose, to impact the world, from your family, community, to the ends of the earth. It all starts with your choice to pursue truth, knowledge, and wisdom which you will find at Rhema Bible Training College Coimbatore (RBTCC) in a beautiful campus with state of the art facilities at an affordable price.

Our Rhema Family

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